Record Studio Day 2015

KBCO Studio C Local Edition Featured in Stereogum

In addition to to running Dryer Plug Studios, I also engineer live in studio sessions for one of the bigger local FM radio stations, 97.3 KBCO.  KBCO Studio C hosts hundreds of national touring acts every year, along with many local acts large and small.  Every year we take the best songs from the best sessions, and release a compilation to raise money for the Boulder AIDs Project, and the CD usually sells out the day it goes on sale.  People wait in line to by this, usually in the freezing cold.  It's become a tradition for a lot of people, and its currently in its 26th year.  The past two years though, we've been releasing a special vinyl release in conjunction with Record Store day.  This years release was a 12" record featuring all Colorado Bands, and the proceeds benefited the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.  Its an amazing record with some amazing artists, and it sold out very quickly.  

While cruising the internet yesterday, I stumble on an article on Stereogum that really put the scope of KBCO Studio C into perspective for me.  The article, which is linked below ranks the 9 top RSD 2015 ebay flips, and the KBCO Studio C Local Edition record made that list.